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Homeless Connection - Day Center:

Not Available at this time. City of Loveland is now running the Day Center at the 137 South Lincoln Ave location. Below is our past approach to Day Center. 2021 and before: 137 Homeless Connection is a Day Center that offers advocacy and case management for homeless adults. Day Center is open year round at 137 S Lincoln Ave in Loveland 8:00am-11:30am (Monday Through Friday), 1:00pm-4:00pm Mondays through Thursday by apointment. Eligible clients are offered case management, advocacy and referrals including mental health assessments and substance abuse counseling. We also offer showers, laundry, storage, phone, computer and mail services.

137 Homeless Connection is a place that listens to the needs of those who are seeking assistance, connecting them to resources, encouraging hope for the future, and providing inclement weather shelter.

Day Center yearly numbers  

Mental Health Assistance:

Every day we see people just like you overcome addiction, anxiety, depression and more through effective mental health treatment. Let us help you begin to take back control of your life today. Get the help you need right now. At no cost with Medicaid insurance.

Crisis Hotline: If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health, substance use or emotional crisis, call 1-844-493-TALK (8255) or text TALK to 38255.We can help manage your situation, provide immediate support and solutions, and connect you to resources. In Larimer County, call (970) 494-4200 or Walk-In 1217 Riverside Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80524

Addiction (Substance Use Disorder) We provide Same-Day Access, so you can begin your addiction recovery today. SummitStone is the largest provider of behavioral health services in Larimer County. Our certified and licensed counselors are trained to meet the complex needs that often accompany addiction and substance abuse. Many people going through the recovery process discover that mental health issues and addiction can be co-occurring. At SummitStone, we can treat both concerns at the same time, helping you make the lifestyle changes that are necessary to overcoming addiction and leading a meaningful life that is free of substance abuse.

Mental Health Did you know that one in five people will experience a diagnosable mental illness in any given year? Mental health and addictive disorders are far too common to ignore - or to be a source of shame. You should never be afraid to ask questions regarding mental health. And just like other illnesses like heart disease, cancer or diabetes, they are treatable. In fact, treatment for people with serious mental illnesses is 70% to 90% effective, higher than success rates for treatment of heart disease. At SummitStone, we see the potential in people - not their condition. That's what makes us so successful in helping to restore hope for productive, healthy lives, because people can and do recover.


137 Homeless Connection provides a home base for their guests in a supportive, family-like atmosphere. Volunteering at 137 is like joining a welcoming family.

Every volunteer brings their own life experiences and talents to 137 and those gifts are used in some amazing ways. Doug and Val, manager and assistant manager, have a way of finding those gifts so that volunteers have a fulfilling experience while meeting some basic needs of the guests that they serve.

Many heart wrenching and frustrating stories are told, tears are shed and sometimes tempers flare, but the overall atmosphere is light, loving, hopeful and fun. You often hear volunteers say that they receive back more than they give; this is so true at 137.

Most volunteers handle day to day operations: accessing lockers, maximizing use of the showers and laundry, and making sure that chores are completed. Others may handle construction and maintenance, organizing events, or raising public and sometimes political awareness. But for volunteers and the guests, the most important thing is just being there. Relationships are built, each person finds respect and hope is inspired.

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Ron's story:

Sometimes you find heroes in the least expected places. Ron doesn't like to call himself a hero, but to his friends at 137, he is. Unexpected, well maybe. read more

John's story:

This story is about John, a 52 year old man. He was a former employee at IBM for 16 years, was married for 10 years before his divorce, with 5 grown children, 1 girl and 4 boys from which he was estranged. read more

Shelter History:

In 2003 Lee Severance of All Saints Episcopal Church began taking into their church a small group of homeless on extremely cold more


One of our meny projects at 137, Our guests plant, water, weed, and eat from the fruit of their labors.

Potluck BBQ:

During the summer months on Monday afternoons we have a potluck BBQ with our guests and volunteers from 4pm to 6pm. Our guests are used to receiving things. We want to give them an opportunity to give back by bringing food and making food for the potluck. They set up the picnic tables, do the grilling and help with clean-up. It is a great time for fellowship and fun and a reward for all their hard work.

Day Center yearly numbers

2021 -- As of 11/30/21 400 unduplicated individuals @ 6520 uses.

2020 -- 414 unduplicated individuals @ 5819 uses.

2019 -- 464 unduplicated individuals @ 7965 uses.

2018 -- 474 unduplicated individuals @ 8163 uses.

2017 -- 502 unduplicated individuals @ 7710 uses.

2016 -- 422 unduplicated individuals @ 9139 uses.

2015 -- 320 unduplicated individuals @ 6758 uses.

2014 -- 269 unduplicated individuals @ 4917 uses.

2013 -- 222 unduplicated individuals @ 4870 uses.

2012 -- 203 unduplicated individuals @ 4139 uses.

Inclement Weather Night Shelter yearly numbers

2019 -- 158 unduplicated individuals @ 2690 uses. 1 individuals in transitional housing.

2018 -- 185 unduplicated individuals @ 3360 uses. 3 individuals in transitional housing.

2017 -- 174 unduplicated individuals @ 5116 uses. 6 individuals in transitional housing.

2016 -- 154 unduplicated individuals @ 2343 uses. 4 individuals in transitional housing.

2015 -- 129 unduplicated individuals @ 2170 uses. 1 individual in transitional housing.

2014 -- 135 unduplicated individuals @ 2586 uses.

2013 -- 130 unduplicated individuals @ 1954 uses.

2012 -- 92 unduplicated individuals @ 1625 uses.

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