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Info-- Inclement Night Shelter ??? Unknown if Shelter will open due to C19

Inclement Night Shelter: A program of House of Neighborly Service (HNS): In partnership with several Loveland churches, Inclement Night Shelter assists the homeless on nights that can threaten life. Working with volunteers that pick up the homeless, take them to one of our partner churches; our volunteers do many things. Some drive, some provide overnight supervision, others provide meals and some help with program administration and leadership. We provide a hot meal on most nights. We also provide cots and a warm, safe place to sleep for adult men and women. The sleep area depends on the church area we have available to us. Often we get to enjoy a movie! Each church commits to opening their doors for two seven day periods (14 nights) during the winter season, roughly November thru March. That's 20 weeks. Each week the shelter rotates to another church in Loveland. This ensures that no one church is burdened with too much responsibility and that many people get to experience helping at different churches during the winter.

Inclement Night Shelter activates the shelter only if bad weather is forecast ( Night time low 20 degrees or below ). So some churches that are on-call for their week may actually only be open for 3-4 nights during their scheduled week. Inclement Night Shelter provides the portable blankets for up to 30 people.

We also assign volunteers to help supervise the Night and Day Center Shelters between ( 6:30pm thru 6:30am Night ), ( 7:30am thru 6:00pm Day ). We ask each church to help in three ways; facility use, volunteers and funding.

Most churches we have approached have responded in at least one of these three ways. The most basic level of need we have is to be able to use your facility; usually a multi-purpose room roughly 30 by 30 feet. If a church can only commit to the use of their facility, Inclement Night Shelter can fully support you with all volunteers and meals as a stand alone program. Do you have room for the least of these? We are also encouraging church leadership to challenge their members to volunteer their time at their church with the Inclement Night Shelter program and perhaps at other churches in the network during the winter.

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